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                 nAtural Dye Symbolism


The use of traditional natural dyes was a hereditary skill and women would pool their expertise to ensure a lasting and radiant range of colors produced using a wide variety of plants, berries, roots etc,normally found in her local environment.Therefore each region or tribe would have an identifiable colour palette that reflected the landscapes in which they lived The only exception generally was INDİGO blue which when boiled is yellow but on contact with air turns blue and was therefore often made by a specialist dye master within a specific region. .

Synthetic dyes have also been used prolifically since the 1850’s and these days have reached a extremely high quality.However, the varying tones and hues of high quality natural dyes are what give many carpets their individuality, as well as their high intrinsic value and therefore they are often preferred by dealers and customers alike. Many of the vast range of colors used in rugs have intricate meanings, combining with the weavers personal designs to give a unique symbolism to her rug.


Blue - Indigo -.Natural indigo is obtained from indigofera tinctoria, a shrub that grows wild and is cultivated in tropical areas throughout the world.

Madder Red - The roots of the madder plant yield the dye used for most red colors.Depending on the age of the roots and the length of time that they are boiled, the range of colours vary from the deepest of reds to pinks and purples.Red signifies passion and is the colour of happiness and success.

Bright Yellow - Ox-Eye Chamomile.The flowers from this plant, are used along with an alum mordant to produce a bright yellow.Yellow used in rugs indicates plenty, riches and power.

- Walnut Tree..The fruit is covered with a thick green rind which along with the leaves is often used by villagers for a green or blackish-brown dye.

Yellow/Brown/Black – Pomegranate Tree.The fresh or dried skin of the fruit is used with an alum mordant for a yellow brownish shade.If an iron mordant is used, a brownish-black shade will result. The pomegranate is a symbol of fertility and abundance because of it's many seeds.

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