August 24, 2018

A Nomad's Art: Kilims of Anatolia

Kilim (detail), Turkey, central Anatolia, late 18th century. The Textile Museum 2013.2.1.

The Megalli Collection.

September 1 through December 23, 2018

Woven by women to adorn tents and camel caravans, kilims are enduring records of life in Turkey’s nomadic communities, as well as stunning examples of abstract art. This exhibition marks the public debut of treasures from the museum’s Murad Megalli collection of Anatolian kilims dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Major support for this exhibition and its accompanying catalogue is provided by the Megalli Family Endowment, the Coby Foundation, Ltd., Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham, and the Mark...

July 12, 2018

  • By Eliot Stein

This is the most beautiful story that I just had to repost - Thanks to Eliot Stein. 

Each spring, under the cover of darkness and guarded by members of the Italian Coast Guard, 62-year-old Chiara Vigo slips on a white tunic, recites a prayer and plunges headfirst into the crystalline sea off the tiny Sardinian island of Sant’Antioco.

Using the moonlight to guide her, Vigo descends up to 15m below the surface to reach a series of secluded underwater coves and grassy lagoons that the women in her family have kept secret for the past 24 generations. She then uses a tiny scalpel to carefully trim the razor-thin fibres growing from the tips of a highly endangered Mediterr...

April 22, 2018

14th ICOC Washington DC
June 7 - 10, 2018

The 14th International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC) will be held in Washington DC from June 7 -10, 2018 in collaboration with the Textile Museum and the George Washington University Museum.

For detailed information and to register, please click HERE.

The exhibitions will include ikats from the Guido Goldman collection at both the Textile Museum and the Smithsonian Institution’s Sackler Museum, other Central Asian carpets and textiles, costumes of Chinese minorities and diverse rugs and textiles from other weaving cultures.www.

Events begin on Thursday 7 June with tours of exhibitions and local te...