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Pillows & Poufs from Turkey and beyond...

Explore our wide range of high quality one-of-a-kind handmade carpets, kilims and textiles for the perfect rug that best expresses your design style. Whether you prefer a soft relaxed aesthetic or embrace bold patterns and vibrant hues, you’ve come to the right place! 

Our collection is ethically sourced, and an authentic expression of the weaver's personality and individual design story ensuring all our rugs are articstically distinct .Our rugs and kilims capture the genuine voice of the weaver, whether she be a mountain nomad with free spirited motifs, a village girl knotting rugs for her wedding dowry, or a city weave using patterns to create elegant and innovative designs.



With more than 30 yrs of experience and a passion for rugs we are happy to help you them find the perfect for you and your home . Shop with us today and experience the beauty and craftswomanship of our collection.


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Our Collection

Sourced with integrity


For generations young women in nomadic tents, mountain villages and city workshops have been hand weaving one-of-kind rugs, kilims and intricate textiles using local hand spun wools, natural dyes and a symbolism that is both ancient and personal.

An individual rug or kilim could take years to weave and each have specific sizes, colors and designs that reflect the historic traditions and cultural identity of the weaver as well as their distinct village or tribe.

To learn more and to help with your choices see my...   




Integrity is the cornerstone of my business and I whole heatedly believe in supporting weaving traditions as well as the weavers who create the beautiful rugs and kilims in my collections.                                           

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Top 10 Rug Buying Tips 

How do you make sure you are getting the real thing ?


Just over a decade ago hand woven rugs were found only in dedicated galleries or you purchased one or two overseas as your ultimate travel treasure! Today you find rugs & kilims everywhere,  from department stores to social media sites.

The quality and authenticity varies enormously, from authentic hand woven originals to cheap synthetic machine made copies that can look very much like the real thing. 




Always look for trusted and recommended rug professionals - they will generally be more interested in the authenticity of the rug and finding the right rug for you, rather than a quick sale of a 'hip' rug with a funky tag line ! To help you sort the good from the bad, check out my Top Tips  for the info you need to purchase a handmade rug that you will love for years to come! 


''Ironically good quality handmade rugs that last for generations can be a similar price, or in some cases cheaper than  lesser quality 'on trend' rugs being sold on social media or in mainstream home decor stores''                      



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About Us

Hi! I'm Ruth- the New Zealand owner of Tribal Collections, a beautiful rug gallery in Goreme, Cappadocia. While a woman rug dealer is still far from mainstream, rugs & textiles have been my passion and life for the 34 yrs that I have lived here in Turkey. This personal journey has captivated me with it's colours, designs and the thrill of discovering rare and beautiful pieces from bustling bazaars and traditional villages. I love the rug world and am always happy to share it with you. 

My store is now considered a leading choice for those who wish to learn about. or buy one-of-a-kind  hand woven rugs or vibrant kilims from a trusted professional. When I see a beautiful rug or a rare kilim that is good quality at the right price I just can't resist adding it to my collection,so browse my online store and instagramm feed  regularly as my stock does change on a frequent basis.

Our curated selection is unique so there is something for everyone !


Enjoy in person when visiting Turkey,

or shop with me online, or directly.

I am always happy to help you find your perfect rug !

                      Trade inquiries welcome.




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