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                             Welcome -  It's a surprise to find a foreign woman in the man's world

                              of carpet selling in Turkey, what's my story ?


I am from New Zealander and I inherited beautiful oriental carpets from a grandmother who had lived overseas in the 1940's.The exotic stories of those rugs always fascinated me, so living in Turkey with it's tradition of gorgeous handwoven rugs and textiles has been, and still is, a joy for me.

I opened my first rug store soon after arriving in Cappadocia and my love of rugs is primarily what has kept me here in Turkey for the last 30 yrs.Visiting little-known villages, searching bazaars, working with village women on their looms and discovering how the rug trade works has been a fascinating journey and one that still excites me to this day. My gallery is located in a beautifully restored cave dwelling in the famous area of Cappadocia.I love the old stone walls and vaulted ceilings - it shows the rugs off perfectly and is a calm and gentle environment to buy and sell rugs. See our Virtual Store page. 


It means a lot to me that these days I have an established international reputation for integrity and quality and are one of the recommended choices for those looking to learn, or to acquire, a beautiful hand-woven rug, vibrant kilim or tribal weaving. I am probably best known for my 'Carpet 101' educational as I love to teach and share my knowledge.


Please don't hesitate to ask me if you need help or advice when buying a rug and also read my Blog for extra tips. You are welcome to spend time with me when visiting Turkey or alternatively shop at my store here online. I have a  wide-open door policy and fixed prices: making it easy for you to compare, and most importantly you know you are with a trusted professional who is passionate about rugs!

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    What sets me apart ?


  My love affair with carpets and textiles never wanes - it's a lifelong passion, and with time and dedication I have become known as the  'go to' person for those wanting to learn about, and buy carpets when visiting Turkey.

  • I am straight talking and happiest when teaching and explaining the ins and outs of buying  rugs to customers and friends.

  • I have always had a fixed price policy so that everyone feels safe and comfortable with what they are buying. 

  • I am known internationally and recommended on many websites as well as the 'Top Dealers' List, so it's important to me that I have a reputation to uphold

  • .See our REViEWS

  • I have a western sensibility so I know what you look for in rugs, and what will look good in your home, plus I am passionate about quality and value for money.

  • My shop is relaxed and comfortable.I hate pressure so I like to make sure my customers feel free to come and go as they please and to browse and enjoy.

  • I am fussy about my follow up service so if you are buying on the internet or shipping -  your carpet will arrive and it will be the one you purchased.

  • We have an inhouse RUG REPARER   so any repairs or tidy up work and cleaning is done in advance making sure your rug is ready to be used in your home  

  • I generally buy at source as it's cheaper that way.. ...and that is reflected in my prices to you !

  • Most importantly I love my rugs so I enjoy inspiring the next generation of carpet lovers, designers and collectors.



  •  Let me inspire you to find the  rug

that will suit your home and bring you joy ! 

 I live in Cappadocia in central Turkey which is super famous as a tourist destination for for it's surreal fairy chimney landscapes ,underground cities and cave dwellings I also manage a small boutique hotel and my partner Cemal owns a  highly rated ranch that is famous for it's  daytime, and spectacular Sunset Horse Tours.


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