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What do the Motifs

in my

 Rug mean ? 

Zigzag Border
Running water symbolizes eternity. Without water, there is no life.
Eight Pointed Star
Sometimes called Solomon’s star or Mohammed’s star. This design is extremely old and probably meant spiritual revelation.
The 'S' Design
Also called the 'hook' design. This design is used to indicate strong relationships and power.
The Five Dots
Five important things for Moslems: 1. Pray five times a day. 2. Do Ramadan. 3. Go to Mecca. 4. Give to the poor. 5. Believe in Mohammed
 Ancient symbol of immortality and rebirth
Women with Hands on Hips
Woven to denote fertility, motherhood and is not only identified with fertility but is also a symbol of scared duties; of giving life to children and protecting them.
Evil Eye
The most effective precaution to protect against the “eye” which can be used by those who wish  harm.
Love Birds
Love birds with heads facing each other is a sign of true love.
Nomads weave this magic motif, i.e. the triangle of charm, into a corner of their carpets so that they are completed without any defect or trouble, and not affected by the evil eye. Newly-wed brides also fold their headscarves into a triangle, to denote a wish of  fertility 
The ruler of the sky and an image of power and height, the eagle is a symbol of the sky and a healthy life because of its ability to look straight into the sun. The eagle, as the king of the birds, protects the people. 
It symbolizes rebirth and fertility.Women who weave this motif usually express a wish that their crops be plenty and bring abundance to their homes.

Goose Foot
It is believed that a goose foot inside a circle or triangle brings luck. Each toe of a goose foot symbolizes one of the rules in divine trio (Holiness, Productivity, Fertility)
Human Being
A woman weaver often weaves herself, her family or a member of her family into her carpets, such as husband and wife or mother and daughter figures, and this usually represents the weaver’s expectation of a child.
Scorpions are in effect a natural disaster for nomads.They often break into the tent; their sting is very painful and may sometimes be deadly. A scorpion motif woven into a carpet symbolizes the instinct of protection against this animal. In the belief of nomads, a scorpion cannot approach a carpet if there is such a motif in it.

It is the most important means of transport for nomads. Preserving a place for them in carpets denotes blessing for this obedient animal that has carried the goods of the tribe patiently and untiringly for many years.
Tree of Life
The tree of Life is believed to have grown out of the centre of the world, living for centuries, knowing the secrets of the world, and being close to the universal powers. It is a tree, which is regarded as the stairs of the human journey from the underground to the sky, and its branches hosting the birds of Paradise.

Denoting life and death, the Tree of life is often woven into carpets with the birds of life that will fly away when the time comes. It is believed that after death spirits come to the branches of this tree to envoy endless happiness.
Believed to live in every place, every climate and region, the sacred imaginary animal of the sea, sky, mountain and forest, the Dragon is a symbol of power, force and might.
Wolf's Mouth
It is a symbol woven by nomads for protection against wild animals they frequently encounter in nature.

It symbolizes marriage wishes

Ram's Horn
It is a symbol of power, force, heath and happiness; it also denotes man’s fertility and the power of giving life and protection.
Flying Birds
It symbolizes the birds, which bring good and happy news.
It represents happiness of the family
Pomegranate fruit is the fruit of Paradise, regarded as sacred in Anatolia. It is even believed that scattering pomegranate fruit inside the house of in a newly-wed bride will make the marriage long-lasting and productive, with many children who will have long life.

It, therefore, symbolizes abundance and fertility.


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