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Weaving Techniques

Beautiful pile rugs are made by tying individual knots onto vertical loom warps.

The wool is then cut forming the pile which also carries the pattern of the rug. After each row of knotting, wefts are inserted and packed down to hold the knots in place.

Persian carpets use a single or 'Senna' Knot whereas Turkish carpets use the symmetrical 'Giordes' or Double knot, where the yarn is looped around two warps and then pulled tight creating a more durable rug.

Sitting on a low stool, the weaver begins from the bottom upwards. As the weaving progresses, the carpet is shifted behind the loom meaning that the weaver only sees sections of the carpet at any given time. The only time that the carpet is seen in its entirety is the day it comes off the loom, many months or years after it was startedUpon completion every carpet is washed to bring out the beauty.

A Whole New Collection

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