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  • How are your rugs different ?
    Rugs are my passion and I prefer beautiful handmade rugs that last a lifetime. My rugs are unique, one-of-a-kind, quality, on-trend, and different from what you find in other stores becuase I select each rug personally.Every one is 100% handmade and genuine and I am happy to give you the history and background on each one . The rug market is flooded with 'fake' rugs - sometimes chinese knock offs, sometimes machine made rugs pretending to be handmade, but they are all a form of a mass market rug. They can be found everywhere from traveleing “salesman,” to large retailers whose “bread and butter” are products completely unrelated to rugs, to liquidation “sales”, and “sales” at big box stores. If you have an eye for the unique you willl love our rug collections and each rug will always be a beautiful and long lasting treasure for your home !
  • What is the best rug ?
    The best rug is a quality rug. My advice always is 'buy the best rug you can afford at the time' - whether that be a rug for $200 or $20,000 No floor covering is as durable or as long lasting as a quality hand-knotted oriental rug.I inherited good rugs from my grandmother and I still use them to this day. The fact that the oldest intact rug has been carbon dated to 500 B.C. speaks for itself Unfortunately, poor quality oriental rugs also exist. so it’s important to know what you’re buying, or at least know that you’re buying from a trustworthy source who cares about the quality of the rugs they sell.
  • How can I tell if my rug is handmade?
    Look at the back of the carpet. Machine Made carpets have a uniform warp-and-weft grid that looks entirely different from the varied and slightly wavy warps and wefts of hand-knotted carpets. Again, by looking on the backside of the carpet, note the tightness of the weave but again look for the variances as each of the knots is woven individually.Handmade carpets are never perfect so look for variances in color and design. This will reflect the weavers individuality - something no machine can weave.
  • How long does it take to make a handmade rug ?
    The length of time required to weave an oriental rug depends upon its size, the number of weavers (in the villages mothers,daughters and sisters can work together on one rug),then the density of the knots (some carpets can have 124 knots per cm 2), and the complexity of its design.The amount of craftsmanship and time required to create an oriental rug is staggering. A small rug can take many months and our 8′x10′ rugs typically require 3 weavers working six to eight months to produce. This does not include the time for handspining the wool, producing the dyes etc..which in itself can take months of work.
  • How are rugs priced?
    There are several major factors that play a role in the expense of an oriental carpet. Since all of our rugs are handmade, the major expense when purchasing a contemporary carpets is labor as well as the quality of the matierials used ie. silk will be more expensive than wool. New carpets tend to be priced by type and size. However with old - antique rugs and flatwoven kilims we take into consideration factors such as the quality of wool, color, design, age and the condition of the piece.In the past, old - antique carpets and kilims were traditionally made for a woman’s marriage dowry, making each piece individual and unique.Therefore each piece is individually valued and has its own unique price with no set price range.
  • Which country makes the best rugs?
    This is a difficult question to answer. All countries make good and bad rugs. If you compare the best that every country has to offer, they would all be comparable in standards. As they are hand - knotted it’s really the quality of the wool and dyes used that is important.Some groups or tribes can have a higher reputation than others but eacg rug must be looked at on an individual basis.
  • Are handmade rugs expensive ?
    I don’t believe they are.If you take into account that handmade rugs takes a huge amount of time to make and that they will last you for generations,they are extremely good value and cheaper than say wall to wall carpet .We have rugs starting from as little as $100.
  • Is purchasing a carpet an investment in art?
    <h6 class="font_6">Carpets are handcrafted, handmade, incorporate age old motifs and represent the creation of a skilled weaving artist and, as such, can be considered art. The investment value of many carpets accrues over time. Some particular antique carpets have special attributes that make them more highly sought after by collectors. On the whole good quality handmade carpets will hold their value and have the potential to increase in value.</h6>
  • Why are your prices fixed ?
    I have always implemented a fixed price policy in my shop-long before it became more popular here in Turkey.Price is the most important means of evaluating a rug and your expectations change accordinly so I like my customers to know what they are buying in terms of quality and that they are getting a fair price.I spend a lot of time with my clients giving them many examples and comparisons and teaching them what to look for and correct pricing is intergral to that process.As so many of our clients are repeat business and/or send their family and friends,I like them to feel confidence in knowing they will always get a fair price from me.
  • Where do you source your rugs ?
    All my rugs at Tribal Collections are individually selected by me, either from local villages,traditional bazaars or trusted producers of contemporary rugs.My shop is located in the centre of Turkey which is the heartland of Anatolian weaving so I am able to source some wonderfully unique rugs and kilims sometimes directly from the weavers themselves.I also have access to many trusted local and international producers,from countries such as from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan.I care about my relationships with my clients and equally with my sources and the results are great rugs for my store and for you !
  • Why do some rugs have irregular or bold changes of color ?
    Veriagated colors or random changes of color is rugs is known as 'abrash.Delaers generally love a beautiful abrash as it makes the carpet unique to itself and impossible to copy.Originally most rugs were woven with natural dyes derived from plants, vegetables,and fruits.Despite the skill of the nomadic or village woman the wool may not have been of the same consistancy or may have been dyed at different times - therefore this inconsistency in colors is defined as 'abrash.'. Manyt clients likeabrash for its uniqueness and in many instances a good abrash can add value to your rug.. However these color changes when they occur in carpets that are formal and made in workshops such as silk rugs can devalue the carpet. <h5 class="font_5"> </h5>
  • What are all the 'going out of business' sales all about ?
    Most going out of business sales are staged from the days the store opens. Legitimate rug dealers are in a constant battle trying to fight these scams. Most going out of business sales sell poor quality or the 3rd and 4th choices of rugs dealers;It can’t be said that you will never get a good deal since beauty is whatever you perceive it to be, but odds are certainly against it you getting a good deal from these rug sellers.
  • Why should I buy a rug from you ?
    Firstly only ever buy the carpet that you love ! You will live with it a long timeand they can give us so much pleasure that you should really love each rug you purchase. If you have found that rug in my store then I am thrilled, but if not I hope that the information and help that I have given you will make you more confident to keeping looking until your find the rug thats right for you you. I have 30 years experience and firsthand knowledge of oriental carpets kilims and textiles and are known for my highly informative 'rug educationals' for individuals and special interest groups. I love to share my knowledge and expertise and are highly recommended on websites and specialised lists of dealers. What sets me apart is that I am frank and clearand very realistic in my approach and I want my customers to be happy with what they have purchased in my store. I have made so many lifelong friends with so many of my customers coming back year after year and I wouldnt want to change that for the world .
  • What does Vintage mean ?
    Please note :All our store items are handmade.Our vintage pieces are all preloved and due to the age and/or handmade nature of these items, minor signs of patination,fading, wear, or slightly unsymmetrical lines may be present.These are not considered flaws,they are part of their unique nature and why we love using them in our homes as they add both character and charm.
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