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Wall Art - Framed Antique Kilim                                        90 x 60cm

Wall Art - Framed Antique Kilim 90 x 60cm


Nomad women would spend months, sometimes years, weaving fine kilims with the stories
of their hopes and dreams interwoven with the ancient motifs of their tribes. Eventually through generations of use these stunning antique kilims become too fragile to recycle so we lovingly frame these delicate reminders of past traditions for you to enjoy as uniquely beautiful wall art.
They are the perfect gift or addition to your home decor.  

  • Kilims are woven in fine delicate slitweave teachnique and fragments can be up to 200 yrs in age.
  • We use standard IKEA wooden frames. 
  • Shipping is without the glass and can be with or without the frame. 
  • PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING as prices are size dependent .
  • DM me for shipping details 
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