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Vintage  Malatya Kurdish Runner
  • Vintage Malatya Kurdish Runner

    Malatya Kurdish Carpet / Turkey

    Age:70-80 yrs
    Size: 2.58 x .72m (8.5ft x 2.4ft)
    100% pure wool

    Natural Dyes
    This one of a kind vintage carpet is in superb condition with clear rich colours.

    Eastern Anatolian and Malatya Kurdish pile weavings are easily recognizable by a long pile, medium knotting, and shiny coarse wools or goat hair .They are distinguished by bright colours of oranges, yellows, blues and reds. Kurdish carpets exhibit strong bold geometric designs containing variations of hexagon, diamond and hooked lozenge or medallions. Malatya Kurdish carpets can be highly sort after by collectors.

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