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Vintage Shiraz/Qashqai Kilim

Vintage Shiraz/Qashqai Kilim


Qashqai Tribal Kilim - Iran
Size:2.10 x 1.16 (5.1 ft x 3.10ft )
Age 60-70yrs 
 Price :$600 Perfect Condition 

The weavings of the qashqai tribes have a reputation for extremely high quality, imaginative weavings with a strong nomadic symbolism.Their kilims display boldness and energy, which reflects the woman's strong presence and freedom in the families, and in the tribe. They use strong, glossy, long-stapled wool. Typical colours of orange, blue, red, and soft greens are clear and strong. The kilims are generally strongly geometric in design, either banded, with motifs similar to the Shahsavan, or with a central bordered field. The borders are elaborate and finely drawn; 'laleh' (tulip) motifs, often linked to an inner zigzag border. The fineness of the border is often the distinguishing feature of Qashqai kilims.

This particular kilim has softer than normal colors and a very unusual repeat geometrical design. 


They also weave a number of storage bags, and nomadic trappings which, because of their quality represent a large part of the family wealth.These days there are almost no weavings produced from these groups making both old and new pieces more difficult to find on todays markets .

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