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Vintage Bergama Rug

Vintage Bergama Rug


Vintage Bergama Rug / Turkey

Age 60 + yrs

Size:1.15 x 1.04m ( 3ft 9 in x 3 ft 4 in )

100 % pure wool

Condition preloved with minor wear

Preofessionally cleaned

Free International Shipping and Insurance

 Bergama carpets from the western Agean area of Turkey have a long history and are usually very fine, using hand spun wools and natural dyes. They and genrally recognised by a smaller square format rug  with a central medallion design and very clear corner elements. This rtug would have been woven in a village and has an unusual arbrush ( change of the dye lots )of colours throughout.  

Besides carpets, kilims and many weft wrapped technique zili and cicim rugs were woven in the Bergama area.Typical Bergama colours are rich-teracotta reds, blues, greens, and a little yellow


.All our store items are handmade.Our vintage pieces are all preloved and due to the age and/or handmade nature of these items, minor signs of patination,fading, wear, or slightly unsymmetrical lines may be present.These are not considered flaws,they are part of their unique nature and why we love using them in our homes as they add both character and charm

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