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Turkish Bandirma Prayer Rug

Turkish Bandirma Prayer Rug


Bandirma Prayer Rug /Turkey

  • Size :1.72m x 1.19m
  • Age:70 + yrs
  • Wool knotting on cotton foundations
  • Low even pile throughout and fine knotting 
  • Free International Shipping 

Elaborate Panderma rugs, were handwoven in Panderma (now renamed Bandırma), a town in the west of Turkey on the southern shore of the Sea of Marmara that use designs similar too and inspired by the famous Giordes palace rugs. A unique fine weaving enterprise was set up in the town of Bandirma in the early 20th century,perhaps with weavers from Ghiordes, though historically is  was usually described as an Armenian establishment with Armenian weavers 

Designs and detailed , usually in a prayer format with aysemmetrical niche, tree of life motifs and fine multiple borders. Weaving no longer continues in Bandirma making these a collectable style of rug.   

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