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Sivas Sal Design Carpet

Sivas Sal Design Carpet


Sivas Shal design Carpet

Central Turkey

 Age: New

Size:1.48 x 99m

100% pure wool 

Natural dyes

100% handmade

These are some of our most popular modern rugs as they enhance all decors but because they have so many subtle colours you can change your room colour without needing to change th carpet ! 

The central Anatolian region of Sivas produces carpets from Kurdish weavers that use beautiful colours are a brighter hue than other Kurdish weavings, particularly noticeable in the lustrous reds, softer greens, orange and yellow. 
These uniquely designed carpets are now being reproduced by various carpet weaving centres, using strong glossy wools , natural dyes and large soft naturalistic patterening that had its basis in Ottoman design.

Modern Sivas carpets represent a group of carpets that are proving to be very popular in today's designer markets. .

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