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Pure Silk Kayseri Carpet

Pure Silk Kayseri Carpet


Kayseri 'Lalezar ' Silk Carpet

Age :New 

100% pure silk & Handmade in Turkey  

Size :77cm x 55 cm  / 

9 knots x 9 knots per sq cm 

Note :The price of silk carpets is always determined by the quality of the silk and the number of knots per sq cm . The higher the number of knots the higher the price . The standard knot count for a Kayseri Silk carpet is 7-8knots x 7-8 knots per sq cm.


 Kayseri is a large city in Central Turkey and is considered a very important hand weaving centre for both wool on cotton carpets and pure silk carpets.These special 'Lalezar' turquoise and blue carpets are produced by 2 brothers who have their own specialised workshop where they dye the silk and create their own designs and then employ local weavers to finely knot these beautiful high quality rugs.Their designs are ottoman based, though many are unique just to 'Lalezar',and they use combinations of beautiful palmettes, arabesques and floral medallions. as well as the more traditional multiple prayer niche and tree of life designs . They are enormously famous as the only weavers that produce this multiple blue colour combinations 

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