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Nomadic 'Tulu' Rug

Nomadic 'Tulu' Rug


Vintage Nomadic 'Tulu' Rug

Size: 1.66m x .90m 

Age: 50yrs

100% wool

100% handwoven

Free International Shipping

This beautiful Tulu from the Anatolian plains has been used as a bedding rug for a nomadic family. Its condition is very good and can be used in any floor or wall space. 'Tulu' is the name given to a kilim or plainweave with tufts of wool, goat-hair yarn or thin strips of cloth interwoven into the main piece using the Turkish knot to form tuft patterns on the underlying design.These rugs were made as part of a young womans marriage dowry and often used as sleeping blankets or decorativre dividers inside the ten.They are wild and wonderful individual and very much one of a kind

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