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Karabagh Floral Kilim Runner

Karabagh Floral Kilim Runner


Caucasian Karabagh Kilim Runner

  • Size:3.08m x .96m
  • Age 50-60 yrs 
  • Pure wool 
  • Excellent condition 
  • Free International Shipping 

The mountainous areas of Karabagh in Central Transcaucasia is home to Azeri, Armenians and Kurds.Originally, more than half these people were nomads, but by the late 19th and early 20th centuries many of these groups became settled and the smaller cities became famous for their rug and flatweave kilim weaving. The standard Karabagh kilim is finely constructed of rather coarse yarns and use plainweave and slitweave techniques


Whilst there is a tendancy for Karabagh kilims to have a design similarity with Persian carpets, they often use strong floral repeats as well as pictorial and animal designs.Karabagh kilims are on average larger and tend to be longish and rectangular in size and the' seccarde' or traditional size format is much larger than their Turkish kilim counterpart

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