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Hereke Palace style Carpet

Hereke Palace style Carpet


Origin: Hereke / Turkey 'Seven Mountain Flower design '

Size : 2.72x 1.78m   ( 8.11 ft x 5.9ft  )

Wool and cotton

100% hand knotted.

Hereke produces the highest quality of this style of carpet in Turkey 

This 'Seven Mountain Flower' Design'was a design created to represent the city of Istanbul as it has been built on seven hills. This design was revered by the Sultans.

About 60 km east of Istanbul lies the Turkish town of Hereke, probably the best known centre for the production of both wool and silk carpets.  Hereke carpets with their sophisticated colour palette, intricate patterns and faultless workmanship have the reputation for being some of the finest workshop style carpets in the world. Originally produced for the Sultans of the Ottoman empire. Hereke carpet workshops were first estabilished by Sultan Abdul Mecid in 1891 to weave carpets of the highest quality for the palace only.

       Hereke has always made very fine carpets of wool,with cotton foundations, though it concentrates also on the finest and most expensive quality of pure silk carpets. 


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