Bahtiyari Open Camel Bag

Bahtiyari Open Camel Bag


Bahtiyari Tribe / Iran
Sumak/kilim /carpet technique
Age: 50 yrs
Size :224 x 112

Excellent condition-opened from the original bag to make a full size to use on the floor

The Bahtiyari are a tribal confederacy of nomadic peoples in the central eastern part of the Zagros Mountains in Iran.A Bahtiyari woman's status depended on her skill as a weaver with the important test on her wedding day, when weavings of highly decorated camel, donkey, salt and tent bags, made for her dowry, were displayed.This piece was made for her marriage and the motifs and designs represent her hopes and wishes.

The modern boho compostion at living roo

 What People


''My kilims arrived yesterday ...and to say I love them would be an understatement !! I absolutely adore them both and am so thrilled.They are so much more stunning in the flesh and they look perfect in situ.

 I just think it’s incredible that I’m bringing kilim beauties home to Australia from your online shop

in Goreme that I visited 3 years ago!!

I love it!! Thank you.Thank you.For it all Ruth.Amazing!

              I look forward to the next round. ''  


- Pen Thomson, Australia 




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