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Antique Caucasian Sumak

Antique Caucasian Sumak


Antique Caucasian Sumak

  • Size.2.86 X 2.27m  ( 9ft 8in x 7ft 4in )
  • Age 100yrs approx
  • 100% wool
  • Professionally cleaned and for use.
  • Quality natural dyes

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The term Soumak is said to have derived from the Caucasian town of Shemakha, where very fine brocade weft wrapped Kilims have been woven for centuries. The finest Soumak kilims come from the Caucasus, where orıgınal patterns are often passed down within the community from one generation to next and can be traced to designs used in the 15 th century. Kilims woven in the Soumak technique are considered to be very hard wearing and heavy and often display the finest workwomanship.The area known as the Caucausus spreads through the states of Azerbaijan, Daghestan, Armenia and Georgia and covers a complex ethnic and cultural mix. Caucasian weavers produce excellent, fine weavings in both flatweave and knotted pile techniqes,Both the carpets, Kilims and Sumaks woven in these areas are well sought after by collectors not only for the lustrous quality of wool, but also for the the creative use of bright and clear dyes and the range of high quality techniques. Large Caucasian soumak rugs are amongst the most grand and distinguished of all flatweaves. Used as major floor coverings they are seldom found in small sizes. Caucasian soumaks often have three central medallions, with many small interesting and highly detailed filler motifs. There are numerous borders, the outer one often showing the hooked 'running dog' motif. Colours are predominately rich reds, blues,terra-cottas, with regional variances including oranges and occasionally pinks.Well drawn and relatively finely composed examples are still being made today. however, there has been a significant increase in synthetic dyes in recent years often resulting in a strident contrasting palette.

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