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Afsar Vintage Kilim -Iran

Afsar Vintage Kilim -Iran


Afsar Kilim - Iran
Size:2.26 x 1.97m (7.4ft x 6.5ft )
Age 60-70 yrs 
Perfect Condition 
100% wool 

This kilim has a beautiful naturally faded patina which adds to its soft vintage appeal.

The Afshar people are one of the main Persian tribes and are amongst the most scattered of Turkic peoples The main areas they inhabit are Khuzestan, Khorassan, Kermen, Sirjan, Baft and Azerbaijan.

Afshar kilims have a dense and heavy feel which other kilims lack.Kilims made around Khuzestan are similar in design and technique to the neighboring Luri and Bakhtiari tribal work and generally all their kilims are famous for a large number of fine and interesting borders and bold geometrical well structured designs.



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