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Vintage Usak Kilim

Vintage Usak Kilim


Usak Kilim / Turkey

100% pure woo

All natural Dyes

Size: 1.43 x 1.12 ( 4.8ft x 3.8ft)

100% handmade

Usak Kilim / Turkey100% pure woolAge: 60+yearsSize: 1.43 x 1.12 ( 4.8ft x 3.8ft)Usak,a historic city in Western Turkey is also the name given to a group of weavings (prodominently rugs ) that were extremely famous from the 15th - 16thC onwards.Usak kilims are far rarer to find and always unusual and recognizable by the use of contrasting tones and colours as well as often an empty undecorated ground fielf with a singular medallion . This particular piece has an almost indescribable central colour that at once looks aubergine or raspberry .The colours are more dull than these in the photo

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