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Vintage Tribal Shiraz Carpet - Iran
  • Vintage Tribal Shiraz Carpet - Iran

     Tribal Shiraz Carpet - Iran

    Size : 2.85 x 2.20m ( 9.4ft x 7.2ft )

    Age: 60 yrs

    100% handmade and pure wool

    This preloved beauty is in good Condition

    Qasqai tribes have a reputation for extremely high quality imaginative nomadic weavings and larger numbers of rugs carrying the Qasqai label attest to the prominent role of weaving in this once powerful confederacy. These knotted pile carpets display boldness and energy in both colour and design which reflects the woman's strong presence and freedom in the families and in the tribe. They use strong, glossy, long-stapled wool in typical colours of orange, blue, red and soft green. Designs are usually geometric with strongly nomadic influenced motifs of animals, amulets and protection symbols. When settled in villages close to the city of Shiraz, carpet knot density became finer and designs more symmetrical but they still retain their high quality crafts womanship.The vintage tribal Qashqai carpets and kilims tend to be more collectable than the more refined village pieces.