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Vintage Maden Village Carpet  - Turkey

Vintage Maden Village Carpet - Turkey


Vintage Maden Village Rug - Turkey

Size 1.98 x 1..16m  (6.5ft x 3.8ft)

Age: 50 - 60 yrs 

100% pure wool 

Free International Shipping 

Beautiful soft pile, good condition and unusual muted eggplant tones. 

Maden is a traditionall village in the Toros mountains south east of the Cappadocian region of Turkey.. Carpets from this area are woven traditionally in the homes, using handspun wools,traditional medallion designs and medium knot density. Colours are unusual and interesting varying from aubergine to caramel .A young woman would have made this rug for her marriage dowry using wool from her own sheep and colours made from the vegetation close to her own area and a design that has been passed down from mother to daughter through generations. When money is needed for the family or the children rugs are sold in the local markets.Variations in color and designs are all part of the character of a village rug and is something that is celebrated for its uniqueness  

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