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Vintage Fethiye Village Rug

Vintage Fethiye Village Rug


Vintage Fethiye Village Rug / Turkey

  • Size:1.70 x .94 (5ft 7 in x 3ft 1 in )
  • 100% WOOL
  • 50+YEARS 
  • Perfect Condition - washed and ready to use 

Free International shipping

The Turkish town of Fethiye is located on the Mediterranean Sea, and is built on the ancient Lycian site of Telmessus. From Fethiye comes unusual compositions of rug design that features a large bold central medallion and distinctive quality vibrant colors of yellow/ gold ,red and Indigo .

Carpets were woven in Fethiye until 35 yrs ago and generally made in small to medium format 

They use a glossy wool and medium knot density .

As woman now no longer weave carpets in Fethiye they are a well sought after rug and represent good value . 

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