Boho Stripe - Vintage Kilim


Vintage Belikesir Kilim - Turkey

Size:2.66 x 1.42m

Age: Vintage  50 yrs

100%handmade- very good condition


The Turkish town of Balıkesir in the west of Anatolia  is one of the few that weave 'empty ' field kilims , generally of a dark rich red with a small plain border and a wide skirt in dark blue. Variations can feature a floating central medallion and some cicim brocaded decoration on the skirt (ends ). The kilims are typically fine with silky lustrous wools. In addition to both medium and small kilims, people of this area also made trappings for everyday life. Such items are very fine cuval ( grain sacks ), yastiks (cushion or pillow) and heybe ( donkey bags ).


Balikesir has an excellent reputation for fine weaving,using a superb harmonious colour palette, and old examples of these weavings are now very collectable .

What People Say - 


Fabulous Collection

One of the most fascinating,entertaining and educational carpet experiences I've ever had.Ruth has a fabulous collection of rugs and kilims and it's clear that she loves them all. She knows the story behind each one and enthusiastically shares the background about the weaver and the meaning of the work.

Ruth is very welcoming and there was never any pressure to buy.

I did take home a couple of lovely pieces and I will definitely return.  I highly recommend her shop ! 

- Laura F. Nov 2017.”​


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