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Antique Qum Paisley Carpet - Iran

Antique Qum Paisley Carpet - Iran


Antique Qum Paisley Carpet /Iran

Age :80 yrs

Size 2.06m x 1.37m (6.8ft x 4.5ft(

Wool knotting -cotton foundation

Very finely detailed and in beautiful condition


The Holy city of Qum (Qom, or Ghom) is located 100km south of Tehran in the centre of Iran and is rich in history. Although not traditionally a centre of production, rugs woven in the past hundred years are amongst the best quality , high knot density and finely detailed on the market today,

 Silk carpets as well as wool carpets are famous here and the natural silk from Qum is known worldwide for its high quality. The carpets use patterns and designs from very different regions of Iran. Among others, figurative patterns with stylized plants and animals are common. Medallion designs can also be found.but it is unusual to see such a beautiful repeat paisley design .

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