Antique Yomut Turkmen Carpet

Antique Yomut Turkmen Carpet


Turkmen Yomut Main room Carpet / Afghanistan

  • Size:2.77m x 1.89m (9ft 1in x 6ft 2 in )
  • Age 90+years
  • 100% wool
  •  Condition : excellent -low pile but even throughout
  • Free International shipping

Turkoman were nomads or semi nomads and therefore there are no surviving records of the Turkomans's tribal history.Legend says that Oghuz Khan was the original father of the Turkoman people and that these people became known as the Turkoman by the 10th and 11th centuries.They continued to spread far a field and now various large tribal groups of Turkomans live in Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan, Iran and Afghanistan.Small family groups can also be seen in Turkey. The history, genealogy, beliefs and way of life of the Turkoman steppe peoples are all of great importance to their woven art.Turkoman weavings, with their distinctive red-brown palette, repeating rows of geometric 'gul'ornamentation, extremely fine major and minor borders, high knot count and strong glossy wool represent a highly complex and historically continuous culture.The study of Turkoman weavings is extensive and important,and includes not only main carpets, but tent door carpets, prayer rugs, tent bags, transport bags and camel and horse decorations.Turkoman weavings were first shipped in the 1850's to the European markets from the town of Buhara and hence rather than indicating the tribal groups (Esari,Tekke,Salor,Yomut, to name just a few of the 45 groups and subgroups), many dealers sell Turkoman weavings as 'Buhara' carpets. Turkoman weavings at their best represent some of the finest and important weavings found on todays market.Size:2.77m x 1.89m  (9ft 1in x 6ft 2 in )

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 What People


''My kilims arrived yesterday ...and to say I love them would be an understatement !! I absolutely adore them both and am so thrilled.They are so much more stunning in the flesh and they look perfect in situ.

 I just think it’s incredible that I’m bringing kilim beauties home to Australia from your online shop

in Goreme that I visited 3 years ago!!

I love it!! Thank you.Thank you.For it all Ruth.Amazing!

              I look forward to the next round. ''  


- Pen Thomson, Australia 




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