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Antique Sivas Carpet - Turkey

Antique Sivas Carpet - Turkey


Antique Sivas Carpet - Central Turkey

Age: 80 + yrs

Size: 2.12 x 1.32m  ( 6.9 ft x 4.3ft )

100% pure wool 

Natural dyes- this rug has variance of dye lots and tones.

100% handmade

The central Anatolian region of Sivas, is inhabitated by Turkish and Kurdish people..Sivas was an important weaving centre in the 19thC where Turkish and Armenian weavers produced adaptations of persian and ottoman designs in various workshops and cottage industry centred in surrounding villages. Colours of Sivas rugs are easily distinguishable with a mixture of pale and vibrant yellows and oranges highlighted with cooler tones.The wool is lustrous and finely spun.Ottoman and Persian design carpets of this style are no longer being woven in this region and therefore have become collectable on today's markets .

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