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Vintage Look Patchwork Rug

Vintage Look Patchwork Rug


Turkish Vintage look Patchwork Rug 

  • Age: New 
  • Size: 2.36 x 1.80m (7 ft 9 in x 5 ft 11in )
  • Free International Shipping 

Our overdyed patchwork rugs are just the thing to introduce a splash of color to any space. We select Turkish hand-knotted vintage rugs to create our collection of over-dyed patchwork rugs. We wash the colors, but care to keep the original patterns still alive. We then overdye them with a new color of choice, cut them into smaller pieces and hand sew the fragments together with a sturdy yarn. We back the patchwork rug with buckram, a sturdy fabric that protects the stitches and helps the carpet lie flat on the floor. Last we reinforce the rug with another cotton cloth on the backside.
The rearrangement of the fragments transforms the ancient craft of rug making into unique artwork suited for contemporary settings at home or in offices. 

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