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Vintage Konya Nomadic Cicim
  • Vintage Konya Nomadic Cicim

    KONYA / Turkey

    Size: 1.81 x 1.13m: (5.9ft x 3.7ft) 

    Age :Vintage 60 yrs

    100% handmade

    Pure wool & Natural dyes

    This dynamic nomadic weaving with its bold use of gorgeous natural colour and symbols can highlight any room from mondern minimalist to rustic.This beautiful handwoven kilim uses cicim technique to create a textured and multidimensional look.

    Originally made for a young nomadic womans dowry as a floor decoration to use in the tent, the motifs and designs on this represent the mother earth godess as well as abundace and fertility.The colour quality in this piece is fantastic and uses an unusual turquoise. This kilim is in excellent condition .