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Vintage Kayseri Carpet - Soft Rose

Vintage Kayseri Carpet - Soft Rose


ORIGIN:Turkey - Kayseri Carpet

100% handmade

Size:2.18x 1.44 (7.1ft x 4.9ft )

Age: 50yrs

Wool on cotton

Beautiful condition throughout with a gorgeous unusual design and soft pink/rose colours.

Kayseri is a large city in Central Turkey and is considered a very important hand weaving centre for both wool on cotton carpets and pure silk carpets.The vast majority of carpet weaving is still carried out in homes, with a number of woman gathering together to combine their skills to hand knot these beautiful Ottoman designed carpets.The designs tend to be formal, with beautiful palmettes, arabesques and floral medallions.. Generally a white /cream ground colour is favoured with a more pastel palette of numerous colours. Vintage Kayseri carpets in excellent condition are difficult to find as they were a very popular carpet among the middle and upper classes in Turkey, making those that still exist very good value.

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