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Turkmen /Beluch Rug

Turkmen /Beluch Rug


Beluch Tribal Rug /Iran Turkmen design 

  • Age :30- 40 yrs
  • Size:1.68 x .1.08m
  • 100%Pure wool
  • Free International Shipping

Balouchistan is a sparsely populated area of arid deserts and mountains that straddles the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The region is very inhospitable, with bitterly cold winters and extremely hot summers.The main Balouchi weaving area is a stretch of about 500 km along the Persian-Afghan border.Balouch peoples in Iran are village dwellers while those in Afghanistan and Pakistan are nomads. Balouchi tribes usually weave carpets of a small size, under ten feet, some kilims and a variety of camel bags, salt bags and soffrai.The wool used is fine, lustrous, and can be very soft.The colours are distinctive, deep rich blues and reds with the designs in black, brown, some camel wool and small amounts of white.Many Balouchi carpets have beautifully decorative kilim woven end borders,while a common feature is the zigzag and trough border.Research has been completed recently on Belouch weavings and both their new decorative production and the old tribal weavings are well respected on todays markets .

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