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Rare Nomadic 'Sofra' Kilim

Rare Nomadic 'Sofra' Kilim


Vintage Tribal Turkish Kilim

Size: 1.03 x 1.53m  (3.5ft x 5ft )

Age :70yrs

100% pure wool

Rare Nomadic eating kilim - 'sofra' 

Sofra is the name used for the woven kilim that is used almost like a tablecloth under the tray of food. As this one is undyed white wool which is unusual it would have been woven for  a wedding gift or similar high level celebration. 

Turkish Taurus yoruks lead a semi nomadic life, consequently their weavings are strong both in design and substance.In the winter they would live in the village of MÜt and in the summers in goat hair tents in the mountain pastures . Their colors are earthy and their weavings are always cresated without a pattern so each one is unique and one of a kind.

Our vintage pieces are all preloved and due to the age and/or handmade nature of these items, minor signs of patination,fading, wear, or slightly unsymmetrical lines may be present.These are not considered flaws,they are part of their unique nature and why we love using them in our homes as they add both character and charm.

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