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Qum Pure Silk Carpet

Qum Pure Silk Carpet


Qum Pure Silk Carpet - Iran 

  • Age : New 
  • 100% Pure Silk 
  • Size: 80 x.53cm ( 2 ft 7 in x 1ft 9 in )
  • Certificate of Authenticity 

Free International Shipping  

 Located not far from Teheran, the city of Qum is a famous Persian pilgrimage city graced by impressive architectural monuments. But it does not, however, appear to have produced rugs before the 1920’s. Since that time though it has become known as a significant center for the weaving of finely detailed   'city' rugs and carpets. The rugs of Qum tend to have a r richness of detail and  high knot densitymaking Qum carpets  as being among the most beautiful and detailed Persian carpets available. This fine Oriental carpet is knotted entirely in silk, resulting in a carpet with great lustre. The fine silk thread used makes it possible to produce incredibly detailed patterns..

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