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Perde x 5
  • Perde x 5

    Hi Josh ,

    I just realised that its going to take me forever to correctly edit these beautiful Perde and include all the details (there are some great pompoms)and highlights so did you want to do a video chat with Whats App and I can go through them and show you in more detail .?


    Here's a quick overview of 5 different stunners 

    1.Photos c96d + ec3e

     4 panel red and blue with huge Pompoms on one side 

    Size 6m x 1.87m 



    2.Photos ea66

     Demin Blue + red 4 panel with highlighted woven designs 

    Size:3.00m x 1.68m



    3.Photos 1fb5b

    multi color  5 panel 

    Size:3.05m x 1.78m



    4.Photo 4769c

    4 paneled with gorgeous pompoms throughout

    Size :4.35m x 1.35 

    Price $500


    5.Photo b292

    5 panel multi black red, pistachio 

    Size:3.30x 1.64 


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