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Nain Palace Carpet / Iran

Nain Palace Carpet / Iran


Nain Palace Carpet / Iran -

  • Size:1.50 x.97 m
  • Wool knotting/ cotton warps and silk highlights
  • Age: 20 yrs (New)
  • Cream and Beige/ Dark Navy Blue

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Nain is a small town about 150 km east of Isfahan in central Iran. Fine carpet production is relatively new in Nain compared to other persian cities, though the quality of rugs produced in this area is one of the finest in Iran. Structurally they use soft lustrous wool, fine tight piles and very fine Persian knotting. Warps are predominately cotton ,wefts either cotton or silk ,and silk knotting is occassionally used as a highlight for some special pieces. The most distinguishing feature of Nain carpets is the central medallion on blue and ivory ground fields with a minimum of additional colous to complete this distinctive pallette.

Nain is one of the few carpets where the modern production exceeds in quality that produced by the earlier weavers and as a result Nain carpets are exported all around the world.

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