Contemporary Indigo Blue Hallway Rug - Usak / Turkey


Usak Carpet - Turkey

Age: New


Size:1.84 X .59 ( 6ft x 1.9ft)

Natural dyes

Usak,a historic city in Western Analolia, is also the name given to a group of carpets that were extremely famous as Ottoman palace or court carpets from the 15th - 16th C onwards.Wonderfully precious and highly studied examples of Usak carpets can be found in the Turkish and Islamis Arts Museum in Istanbul.The most well known of this group are the " Medallion Ushaks"and whilst they resemble Persian bookbinding's and carpets with their full medallions in the centre and quarter-medallions in the corners, there are number of differences.These principally are rows of medallions staggered on the bias forming an infinitely repeating pattern with split-leaf arabesques, vine scrolls, and floral motifs whose execution sometimes approaches the naturalistic.The ground fiels colous are typically red or dark blue, though white is known to occur on rarer occasions.Cloud bands designs, palmettes, and plant motifs are typical in the borders.

These uniquely designed carpets are now being reproduced by various carpet weaving centres, using strong glossy wools , natural dyes and large soft naturalistic patterening.Modern Usak carpets represent a group of carpets that are proving to be very popular in todays markets .

What People Say - 


Fabulous Collection

One of the most fascinating,entertaining and educational carpet experiences I've ever had.Ruth has a fabulous collection of rugs and kilims and it's clear that she loves them all. She knows the story behind each one and enthusiastically shares the background about the weaver and the meaning of the work.

Ruth is very welcoming and there was never any pressure to buy.

I did take home a couple of lovely pieces and I will definitely return.  I highly recommend her shop ! 

- Laura F. Nov 2017.”​


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