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Vintage Tribal Kurdish Rug            Turkey

Vintage Tribal Kurdish Rug Turkey


Malatya - Gaziantep Kurdish Carpet / Turkey

Age: 60 -70 yrs
Size:2.48 x 1.47m  ( 8.1 ft x 4.9ft )
100% pure wool

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This one of a kind vintage carpet is in superb condition with  high pile,beautifulyl soft wool and subtle complex colours.


Eastern Anatolian and Malatya Kurdish pile weavings are easily recognizable by a long pile, medium knotting, and shiny coarse handspun wools or goat hair .They are distinguished by colours of apricot/oranges, yellows, blues and reds. Kurdish carpets exhibit strong bold geometric designs containing variations of hexagon, diamond and hooked lozenge or medallions..

These carpets were always woven by nomadic and semi - nomadic Kurdish women for their marriage dowries and are strong and durable rugs that they would have used in their tents and village homes .

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