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Vintage Sarkoy Kilim  -Tangerine

Vintage Sarkoy Kilim -Tangerine


Vintage Sarkoy Kilim / Paisley

Size:2.06 x 1.59

Age 60 - 70 yrs

100% wool

Thrace today comprises the region which is bordered by Macedonia to the west, Bulgaria and the Turkish Black sea to the north. Kilims from the entire region are known as Thracian or Sharkoy kilims, even though Sharkoy is geographically within modern Turkey. The name Sharkoy is also used for kilims woven further north in Bulgaria.

            Sharkoy motifs are very stylized, although figurative, and even very old examples are very modern in appearance. Motifs include tree of life compositions, prayer arches, stylized leaves, trees and birds. Colours are dark red, blues, greens,with a little yellow and whitthough more modern pieces have a softer more pastel range of tones.Many sizes are woven,all in one piece(never in two pieces as with many nomadic kilims) and these are of a squarer size format than most Anatolian kilims. Using fine slitweave technique, antique Sharkoy kilims are woven to the highest standards, often incorparating extra weft inserts and curved wefts giving the design a more modern flow and eliminating the geometrıcal stepped edges. This  results in the increasıng collectability of antique and semi antique Sharkoy kilims.


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