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Vintage Malatya Kilim

Vintage Malatya Kilim


Malatya Kurdish Kilim / Turkey

Size: 1.00 x .86cm

Age Vintage 70 yrs


Pure handspun wool

lThis subtle graphically designed kilim is so easy to live with and would be a highlight in any room as a floor piece or a wall hanging. The colors are pastel but beautifully toned and very easy on the eye.

The eastern Turkish Kurds as a group include many kilim and cicim weavings from surrounding areas and also include examples woven by nomads for a young womans marriage dowry.These kilims/cicims are prized for their luxurious wool and beautiful colors, with older pieces characterized by restrained color combinations and use of earth tones (soft yellow,terracotta and browns)They also feature a medium weave with geometrical and hexagonal tribal motifs symbolising protection

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