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Focus on Unique Objects - Rugs,Throw Pillows,Handmade one-of-a-kind Items.

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Few of us have homes that look as immaculate as homes do in magazines. Budget notwithstanding, most of us simply don't have the stamina to keep our living space in the state of perfection that print magazines command on shoot days. In reality, much more goes into an interior photo shoot than meets the eye: Furniture is moved around, accessories are brought in by the truckload, electric cords are taped to table legs (or simply photoshopped out). Some publications even have soft stylists, people who specialize in making pillows and other textiles look billowy and "perfectly imperfect."

While we shouldn't pressure ourselves to live up to the impossible standards of magazines,it doesn't hurt to learn a few tricks of the trade to make our own homes feel a little more stylish. Enter Colin King, a freelance interior stylist for publications like Architectural Digest. His Instagram feed is a master class in interior styling. He's perfected the art of crafting details that make a space feel elevated and personal. We chatted with him about all the little things that he's learned through styling for a camera lens.

From plates to vintage rugs, pieces that have their own unique set of characteristics enhance spaces, and reflect your personal style.

One of the lessons King has learned through styling shoots for magazines is that objects matter. "I've learned that not only do they bring form and texture to a space—they engage us in conversation. Aunique object, like a quirky nomadic rugor kilim can embody an entire relationship or single experience; they're tied integrally to memories and can shape the identity of the room. When I style, I try to search the homeowner's existing pieces to incorporate into the shot because it retains a laid-back authenticity that never lacks functionality or feels misplaced because it means something to the person who lives there."

Some of his favorite objects to always have on hand on shoot days are pillows,rugs, throws, books, and handmade ceramics. "With vintage pillows and throws, it's such an easy way to bring life into the shot. It's a great way to add some texture or a pop of color. I love sourcing ceramics from local artists wherever I'm styling. If I have a prep day, I like to go to artist studios to get the newest piece from the kiln. And whether it's in the material or the form, I love to contrast opulent and quirky elements with stark simplicity when styling with them.