Vintage Urgup Rug         Cappadocia/Turkey

Vintage Urgup Rug Cappadocia/Turkey


Antique Urgup Carpet - Cappadocia/Turkey

Age : 60 yrs

Size:2.47 x 1.39 m   (8ft x 4.7ft )

The Condition of this vintage carpet is excellent

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Cappadocia i,s well known as a famous tourism region but  before the boom in tourism, carpet weaving was famous in both the central Cappadocian villages of Avanos and Urgup

.Carpet weaving started in the area around 1700s.and continued until the late 1970's, though only approx 250 looms operated in the area in total. 

Urgup rugs are often wool on cotton warps and use a more formal design that has some commonality with Kayseri Carpets - their closest neighbour. This particular carpet would have been woven for a young womans marriage dowry and has an unusual free form medallion and gorgeous dye variations. 

Due to the small number of Urgup  rugs woven they have become very collectable on todays market .