Vintage Turkish Yagibedir Rug  - very fine

Vintage Turkish Yagibedir Rug - very fine


Vintage Yagibedir Rug / Turkey

Size: 1.54 x 1.05  ( 5ft x3.5ft)

Pure wool

Age : Vintage 80 yrs

100% handmade

This vintage rug has the most beautiful burnished sienna red tone with rich navy 

The name YAGCIBEDIR does not refer to a place, but a carpet type made in subdued, sometimes darker colours from the area south of Balıkesir in Turkey. Characteristic of Yagcibedir carpets is the relative density of the knots (1000-1400 per square meter) and the geometrical patterns in the dark red, brown and black-blue central fields. The combination of a silky fine wool and fine weave show the sharp contours of design and colour to full effect.   

            Tree of life, double prayer niches, eagle and star designs are very precisely drawn and symmetrically arranged to produce the distinctive patterns that Yagcibedir carpets are famous for. Old examples are very rare to find on todays markets, but the new carpets from this area have are woven in the same traditional high standards .