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Vintage Turkish Rug

Vintage Turkish Rug


Vintage Yesilover  Village Carpet / Turkey

  • Size :.92 cm x .52 cm  (3ft x 1ft 8in )
  • 100% pure wool
  • Age : 60 yrs /Unique Dowry Carpet
  • 100% handmade
  • Free International Shipping !

The pastoral Anatolian village of Yesilover sits on the arid central Anatolian plateau about 30 km from Aksaray. Lıttle documentation exists about Yesilover carpets but it is believed that when Toros nomads were forced to settle in villages they used their nomadic skills to make carpets that used a mixture of designs gathered from the surrounding areas. Carpets can display rose motifs and elongated medallions that are very similar to those used in Taspinar, but also unusually designs that are extremely similar to Star Kazak Carpets from the Caucasus regularly appear in Yesilover carpets .Why designs from so far afield should appear just in this specific group of carpets is yet to be fully researched. Sizes tend to be long ‘divan’ styles or smaller ‘yastik’ ( long pillow sizes).Wool is lustrous and generally handspun with a high pi,le and soft handle to the carpets .Knotting is ofa medium density .However the most distinguishing characteristic of Yesilover carpets is their unusual and rare colour palette of greens and purples combined with a deeper camel tone.. This palette exists in this particular configuration in no other Turkish carpet and therefore sets these carpets apart from any other in Central Anatolia. It is believed that weaving in this village stopped around 40 + years ago and as such no new production exists today.

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