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Vintage Soumak Kıilim - Shahseven Tribe / Iran

Vintage Soumak Kıilim - Shahseven Tribe / Iran


Vintage Soumak Kıilim - Shahseven Tribe / Iran

Size: 1.77 x .54 ( 5.9ft x 1.9ft )

Age: 50 - 60 yrs

100%handmadePure wool with cotton warps

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This was originaly woven by nomadic Shahseven women for their marriage dowry and was made as a donkey bag, but when these tribes settle they open them up to use as small runnersThe Shahsavan are the most famous confederation of tribal groups in north-west Iran .The majority are of Turkic origin, the rest being Kurdish, Tadjics or Georgians. The Shahsavan are some of the most expert weavers of Soumak technique (weft wrapped brocaded kilims ),producıng a fasanating range of fine decorative soumaks and long runners as well as textiles needed in their daily nomadic life. These include storage sacks, kilims (both decorative and functional ), bedding bags, babies cradles, and most famously their ceremonial horse blankets.Persian, Caucasian and Shaman influences are evident in the design of Shahsavan weavings with random scrollings, stylized birds, flowers, animal and human figures. The animal motifs are some of their most famous and represent the animals that they would have seen around them when they were nomadic Colours vary from old weavings where rich reds and orange prodominate, to more modern weaving which use a softer more pastel palette.

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