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Vintage Nomadic 'Tulu' Rug - Rare Design

Vintage Nomadic 'Tulu' Rug - Rare Design


Nomadic Tulu ( sleeping blanket ) Konya/ Turkey

Size: 173 x 1.20m ( 5.8ft x 3.11ft )

Pure wool /100% handmade

Age : Vintage 60 + yrs

100% handmade

This beautiful Tulu rug has a very rare design with the single 'evil eye' protection motif in the centre of the bold burnished yellow field .This nomadic rug was made for a young turkish girls marriage dowry using mohair wool spun from her own goats and dyed using dyes that she had available to her at the time .

Overall the pile is high a  small area of loewer pile indicating wear 

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