Vintage Kurdish Van Kilim -Turkey


Vintage Kurdish Van Kilim  

Size: 2.70 m x 1.78 

Age: 70 yrs

100% pure wool 

Tribal design and excellent condition 

The city of Van is found on the south-eastern side of  the famous Lake Van. The new city is an important market centre for a large number of Kurdish tribes; the Hartuchi tribe who predominate in this area, and across the border in Iraq, produced fine Hartuchi kilims of the slitweave type.The Herki tribe, who were once nomads, also settled in both Van and in Iraq, produce fascinating kilims, woven using the weft-wrapping technique, commonly called Soumak.

   Van kilims are sometimes confused with Hartuchi and Herki tribal work, but are distinguished easily by their compositions and colours.The overall feeling is of a wild random motifs with central designs often in paired hooked diamond shaped medallions.  second design format features smaller medallions and hooked motifs in horizontal rows, and these on the whole have vertical bands of contrasting ground colour. Another variety has horizontal bands, the wider ones are filled with small hexagonal motifs. Borders are invariably narrow, and often with a zigzag pattern or hook design. Van kilims often display the "elibelinde" (goddess of fertility) motif, the most famous of kilim motifs dating to neolithic times.


Older Van kilims are now limited in supply, however Van still maintains a tradition of kilim production and many excellent new pieces can be found on today's markets. Colours are vibrant and earthy with a predominance of rich reds,blues,oranges and browns and it is not uncommon to see highlights of chemical colours. The use of metallic silver thread is common in older kilims, though lurex thread is sometimes substituted in younger examples.

What People Say - 


Fabulous Collection

One of the most fascinating,entertaining and educational carpet experiences I've ever had.Ruth has a fabulous collection of rugs and kilims and it's clear that she loves them all. She knows the story behind each one and enthusiastically shares the background about the weaver and the meaning of the work.

Ruth is very welcoming and there was never any pressure to buy.

I did take home a couple of lovely pieces and I will definitely return.  I highly recommend her shop ! 

- Laura F. Nov 2017.”​


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