Vintage Konya Ladik Carpet - Turkish

Vintage Konya Ladik Carpet - Turkish


Konya Ladik Medallion Carpet 

  • Age :40yrs 
  • Size: 3.10m x 2.16m (10 ft 2 in x 7 ft 1 in )
  • Wool on cotton 
  • 100% Handmade 
  • Condition :Excellent - ready to use 
  • Free International Shipping  

There are several places in Turkey called Ladik, of which only two are of importance as carpet centres. The classical Ladik of Anatolian carpet history is about 40km north of Konya on the road to Aksehir. It is the settlement of an old Turkoman tribe, a branch of which wandered further north-west and founded another Ladik near Samsun on the Black Sea.

 Rugs from Konya Ladik were made from at least the 17th century, many of which survive in museums today and are greatly admired and sought after by collectors. Ladik carpets display three basic patterns; prayer carpets with three-fold gabled mihrab ( prayer) niches, (the colour composition is usually of red tones in effective contrast to middle blue and yellow/gold); the so-called column Ladik, in which red tones also dominate; the Konya-Ladik with colours of the same palette. Using fine knotting and lustrous wools, a limited but high quality production of Ladik carpets is still available today, although colours have been somewhat altered to reflect more modern preferences.