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Vintage Kilim Runner - stunning natural dyes
  • Vintage Kilim Runner - stunning natural dyes

    Taspinar Village / Turkey

    Size: 3.12 x .80m ( 10.2ft x 2.6ft )

    Pure wool

    Age :Vintage 80 yrs

    100% handmade

    This beautiful kilim was handwoven using stunning natural dyes and was made for a young turkish village girls marriage dowry.

    The Turkish village of Taspınar (Stone Spring) is considered among the important weaving centers of Cappadocia though typically they weave carpets and kilims from this area tend to be rare .

    Here in the homes, carpets and kilims  are hand knotted with high quality, careful medium quality knotting and clear natural colours. Typical for Taspinar kilims are bold motifs with large bands of saturated color The colous are dominated by warm red and earth tones as well as indigo blue tones.