Vintage Kars Kilim

Vintage Kars Kilim


Vintage Kars Kilim / Turkey 

Size: 3.04 x 1.48  ( 9.10 ft x 4.9ft)

Age :60 - 70 yrs 

Natural dyes 

Pure wool 

Kars, is  in the far north eastern corner of Turkey, and produuced a variety of rugs and kilims iKars and Kagızman kilims, cuvals (grean sacks) and yastiks,(woven pillows) have a geometric central medallion design typically consructed on a loose splitweave kilim structure.

Colors tended toward earth tones of brown,yellow,and orange with some black used, while a pale blue ground is sometimes favored Kilims over sixty years of age have a much darker and varied palette whereas those kilims with less years tend to favor a higher contrasting pallette.As there are many Kurds that also tended to settle in this area, the designs of Kars Kilims, while often featuring the bold geometrics of Caucasian neighbours,also have a  less structured feeling inherited from the Kurdish nomads.New Kars kilims are seldom found today and excellent examples of older pieces are highly collectable .